Kindness Challenge 2.0

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for subscribing, stopping in, reading, considering, sharing, sending feedback, co-writing, inspiring and healing. Everyone who’s taking part in this, even if you don’t post about it, you’re making a difference in the world. In the last few months I’ve asked God to open my eyes to things I don’t normally see and I’ve been presented with opportunities to see and be apart of experiences that are so humbling. Some things we take for granted, like going to a restaurant to have a meal with someone else, is truly a liberty. What we do and say matters and I want to focus THIS VERSION of the Kindness Challenge on something that’s really important to me,


How we speak to each other matters. How we speak to children matters. Think about any time you did not understand something after several attempts to “get” something “so simple?” Some minds operate differently and, before we recognize a significant difference exists, we all have the potential to develop an insensitivity to the need for more patience or the need for a little more encouragement or attention.


If you have the opportunity to catch yourself before delivering a message that a child could potentially interpret as discouraging or negative, spin it around and be a smidge kinder. After all, it is called KINDERgarten. Please share your experiences! Don’t be shy 🙂

Have a great week, everyone!

God bless you.
– E #frwdmvmntkc2point0

1 thought on “Kindness Challenge 2.0

  1. Jonathan Castro May 2, 2017 — 2:01 AM

    I can be a hard ass because of my prior military and LEO background, so this childlike approach has been a big challenge for me in the venues I spend my time the most. Those being at work and the gym. My “Never complain because things can be worse… just get the job done… count your blessings because it can be gone tomorrow” attitude serves me up a humble sandwich everyday especially after my morning journal session that puts many things in perspective from my encounters with people. However, this is not the case for everyone. Not everyone has perspective, are filled with gratitude or care to indulge in it so when they start complaining… in this case the gym…i usually have a tendency to say a smart ass remark to counter their child like behavior because no one really wants to hear a negative nancy in a very meditative place. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Recently I made myself more approachable when someone is complaining, frustrated, gossiping or defeated. Instead of saying a smart ass comment or contributing to the negative mindset, I now speak with love and encouragement. Their emotions and intentions become dialed in after the fact and both athlete and I acknowledge that we are all going through a struggle and its called life. So be Kind, patient and encouraging to everyone. You don’t know their battles.

    Peace and Love babe!


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