Mastering the Art of Kindness (Part IV)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re finding your way this week. So much tragedy has filled the world over the centuries and this week, we all suffered another blow. This is why it’s so important to remember the smaller moments of joy; the ones that don’t get recognized.

The inspiration and protagonist of this week, the last week of the Kindness Challenge, is Kelley.

I find Kelley so interesting because she just gets excited on her own. She has a lot of heart and she follows it. She moved up to San Francisco because she believes in her calling. She does kind things ALL the time. One time, she even paid for my ticket to our church’s women’s conference in Los Angeles. Kelley doesn’t know it, but she inspired this entire project.

One Sunday, a few weeks ago, she got up in front of a group of many friends at our church gathering and asked if any women were unable to make the conference in LA due to finances. My thoughts were directed to my circumstances, which at the time were that I hadn’t worked in three months in order to heal at home and hadn’t yet received any short term disability benefits, but needed to still pay all of my medical expenses. I chose to heal cancer with alternative methods and I honestly didn’t have the extra funds, at the time. So, I swallowed my pride and raised my hand. Kelley looked at me and said, “I saw your hand…” She said she had an extra ticket and she gave it to me. A few days later, all of the disability backpay was processed and I was caught up again. I was able to recruit a few friends to come down to the conference with me, whom I volunteered to drive, and we had a life-changing weekend.

All Kelley did was share her excitement about the conference with me. She gave me an opportunity to join the fun. Have you ever had the chance to do that? If you have, I hope you know how much of an impact you made on someone else.

Kelley, thank you. I love you.

My challenge to you is to share your joy with someone else. If coffee brings you joy, buy a coffee for the person standing behind you at Peet’s or Starbucks. Whatever you love, share it. If you choose to do something kind for someone else, please share your experience in a comment below!

I hope you have a wonderful week! I want to encourage you to pray, if you would please, for the people of the world. People are hurting everywhere. Help the world heal and share an act of kindness with an unsuspecting someone. God bless you all! -E

4 thoughts on “Mastering the Art of Kindness (Part IV)

  1. That’s so awesome Erika! Love that story about Kelley. Last week I was at the gym and an athlete that I admire was there. I’ve always thought of her as not just an amazing athlete but also a “ray of sunshine” but never have told her. She is super humble (besides her amazing talents) and extremely friendly to all members regardless of their abilities. Her name is Brittany. So I decided to approach her and let her know my thoughts. She was so taken back that she almost started to cry which almost made me cry. Reason being was that she was not feeling very motivated because she has a few injuries that is preventing her to do as well as she would like in this very important season for her. She then said that it was quite interesting that she was just talking to her Mom and her Mom said, “You have to realize you are in your mid 30s and your body does not work the same”. Well she was watching me workout at that moment and she said she was trying to see if she could take a pic of me to show her Mom that “this almost 50 women” is proof that age is just a number. So as I was trying to be kind to her, she was being kind to me. #GodisGreat


    1. This is wonderful! What a nice gift to receive in return. Thank you for sharing this, Joby The Unicorn! You’re both pretty inspiring in my life! 🙂


  2. April 19, 2017 — 1:25 PM

    Well Kelly is such an amazing person, and indeed she is an inspiration to many, and a woman of God!

    Well, since COFFEE is my JAM!!!! <3… I guess I could share what WE DID coming back from LA…
    There was a nice gentleman that let me go in front of him while waiting on Starbucks drive-thru, and I decided to pay for their coffee… then Yasmine share the Easter Flyer. I was a little hesitant at first because I didn't wanted to be thanked by them, but the important fact it was to also have the opportunity to share the good news with them! "HE IS RISEN INDEED"

    Anyway! it was such a wonderful trip! many memorable experiences! ❤ you Ma'


    1. I love you, too! This was a GREAT moment and I’m so glad you gave into the pressure we put to share the good news haha Thank you for sharing this w/ the world. You inspire me 🙂


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