Are You New, Yet?

Two months ago, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of the other existent social media platforms were flooded with posts shared by “resolutioners” declaring their goals on an e-platform in front of their friends. The likes roll in and comments are left by well-wishers and others who are pursuing similar goals. The family members or friends who typically roll their eyes at the “New Year, New Me” posts continue their annual traditions of snubbing the people they see fail over and over again at their “new” goals. The people who declare their commitment to weight loss or moving on from relationships continue to post their memes, call on friends for encouragement and do their best to keep the fire lit in their hearts.

Each day, the resolutioner tries to remain cognizant of their goal and do “everything they can” to focus and follow through. Still, however, the resolutioner loses momentum and struggles to remain consistent with the change that was implemented. The career changers quit following up with their potential employers because they’re tired of waiting or “bothering” the recruiter or contact person. The patience-practicers find themselves more frustrated with the people they are trying to be “patient” with. The weight loss resolutioners give in and have something to satisfy their cravings. The changes lasted for a couple of weeks, with some lasting for less and some lasting for longer. Ultimately, the goal was not met or, if the desire remained, it was postpone or extended. By March 1st, those who stuck with the program adopted new habits and lifestyle changes while others went back to their previous protocol…that’s right, the protocol that no longer served them.

Was that you?

You don’t have to live in that cycle. If you set a goal or intention for 2017 that you gave up on or if you’re still trying to figure out how to attack it, STOP GOING IN CIRCLES. There are so capable of making your ideas come to life. All you need is a plan, some form of accountability and you need to show up. There are plenty of people who can set a goal and accomplish it on their own, but there are also plenty of people who need an extra hand in order to reach a goal.

If you’re in need of a hand, consider joining an eight week program I’m hosting, designed to help you set clear goals, create a plan of action and execute on that plan. I’ll be your guide and will provide you with all the resources you need to get yourself passed the speed bumps keeping you from reaching your potential. We’ll be GOAL GETTING starting the week of March 12, 2017 through the week of April 30, 2017. If you’re interested, contact me by Tuesday, March 8, 2017 so that we can get you set up! Have a great weekend! -E

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