What IS “frwdmvmnt,” anyway?

Growing up is part of life, but GROWTH is optional. I think both are inevitable, which is why I started to ask myself really uncomfortable questions in my early adulthood. These questions inquired about why I was bothered by particular things versus not being bothered by other things; what the roots of my thoughts were; how I came to be who I was, living the life I was living. I was really trying to understand myself and form my own judgments about who I was. I didn’t have many answers in the beginning, but openness and a lot of uncomfortable moments helped me find more of what I was looking for.

During that time of self-discovery, I remembered that I always knew I wanted to do more for the world, but didn’t know how I would contribute, on a larger scale, to the betterment of humanity. I remembered that, as a little girl, I dreamt of running for President someday. In my mind, that meant having to move to D.C. and work in the political sector in order to be qualified; 2016 disproved that theory. Nevertheless, I went to D.C. in 2009 to participate in a political program; I didn’t like the vibe, so I opted out of a job in politics. In 2010, my last year of college, I got into weight-lifting and became much more interested in nutrition. I finally felt something connect with me so much that I wanted to give that back to the community in my own way. I had a dream to create a non-for-profit organization that would help inner city families fight childhood obesity. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I felt it in my heart and knew that, some day, I would make it happen.

Flash forward to 2013, I was going through a tough time and continuously looked back to my past. In an effort to motivate myself to heal, I would remind myself to look forward and continuing moving. As I conquered different parts of my pain, I felt empowered to continue moving forward. Have you ever been so happy about something that you have to share it with the world? That was me! The year before, I was introduced to Instagram, which quickly became my social media outlet of choice. I was so proud of my emotional and spiritual progress that I wanted to share my experiences and every post talked about moving forward. I started hash tagging “forward movement” in early 2013, but disliked the lengthiness of the word combination. After playing around with the letters, I decided to include the hash-tag “frwdmvmnt” in all of my posts because each of my posts was, in some way, related to my progress and growth. It was an uncomfortable time, but saying that phrase out loud and posting it on social media really helped me feel motivated to do the work necessary to heal from the experiences in my past.

We’re currently in 2017 and I’ve had a few years to put things into perspective, as far as my calling and personal path are concerned. I still have the desire in my heart to facilitate a program focused on exercise and nutrition and offer that to inner city families, free of charge; to help the youth of today and tomorrow grow up healthier, happier and more independent; to empower parents in low-income households to make health decisions that will help their families-their children-in the long-term. I’ve come to understand and really believe that nutrition and exercise are not the only factors to consider when pursuing health or happiness. In fact, I would argue that those are the last two factors a person should address, as the emotional, mental and spiritual systems of a person are far more powerful than the physical. I want to share that knowledge with families who would, otherwise, have to pay a fortune to receive a tidbit of that information.

When I earned my Personal Training Certification, I took a step closer to achieving my goal. I’m now capable of teaching proper exercise routines to kids and their families. With the pursuit of my Sports Nutrition Certification, I will be able to work with people in that lane of specialty. As I’ve mentioned before, I am considering a specialty degree, but haven’t officially decided what avenue I’m taking. However, the Integrative Life Coaching Certification that I am due to complete within the next few months is wrapping all of my experiences and education into a complete package. After that, I’ll be another step closer to my goal, but still on a journey to continue growing and learning so I can be a better resource for others.

So, to sum it up, “frwdmvmnt” is a term that I’ve attached to any experience related to the pursuit or result of GROWTH. I intend to help drive [holistic] health-focused GROWTH in inner city communities by volunteering my skills and services, as they are developed and mastered over time. Our passions are gifts and gifts are meant to be shared. You have no idea where a conversation may take you; where it may take someone else. Be courageous enough to pursue your dreams and move forward.

If you don’t mind supporting me, I just ask that anytime you post something about your progress or growth, whether it’s related to fitness, health, your career, a hobby, your family, your emotions, ANYTHING… USE my hashtag: #frwdmvmnt and use it EVERY TIME. Feel free to share your thoughts or shoot over any suggestions if you feel called to do so. Continue mastering your minds and opening your hearts. Have a great weekend! -E

1 thought on “What IS “frwdmvmnt,” anyway?

  1. It’s so inspiring to read how much good came out of your tough experiences. You’re right choosing to move forward is a huge part of growth and taking the time to self analyze and understand only pushes you further. Lesson from reading this…slow down, ask questions, search for answers, and keep on with the frwdmvmnt!


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